Popular Websites For Women Only – In Alphabetical Order

Popular Websites For Women Only – In Alphabetical Order

Popular Websites For Girls Only - In Alphabetical Order

Beinggirl – includes quizzes, private advice, funny and embarrassing moments, and other information for teenage ladies. Created by Tampax, Always, and Alldays.

AeroGirl! – online community loyal to promoting and encouraging damsels and women to learn how to fly.

An Income of Her Own – organization faithful to supporting the economic empowerment of youthful women.

beautyQ.com – provides style, beauty, diet, and exercise information for teenage chicks.

Being Lady – includes quizzes, individual advice, funny and embarrassing moments, and other information for teenage women. Created by Tampax, Always, and Alldays.

G.I.R.L.S. Conference – annual event that celebrates women’ achievements and increases awareness about issues of importance to damsels.

Woman Culture – photo essay by Lauren Greenfield that exposes the insecurities, wishes, and secret rituals of damsels growing up in America.

GirlSite – safe online community for damsels using technology in a collaborative and multicultural online space.

GirlStart – educates and empowers women in math, science, and technology.

girlynation.com – for style, beauty, and style.

Go-Girl – presents information relevant to teenage damsels’ social and academic lifestyles.

grrlstories – hopes to act as an ongoing workshop where adolescent chicks and their parents can train and learn from each other by sharing individual stories.

gURLwURLd.com – created by, for and about women in middle school, ages 11 to 14, containing history and technology information.

i-Glow – site for ladies’ sports – basketball, soccer, running, swimming, volleyball, and more.

Jewish Teenage Lady Central – includes keypals, advice, surveys, tests, bloopers, and more.

mtvgirl.com – entertainment hub keeping teenagers in touch with music, gossip, celebs, beauty, and news.

Ophelia Project – organization dedicated to saving the selves of damsels by creating a culture that is emotionally, physically, and socially safe.

Sisters Unlimited – offers an online community for teenage ladies, containing information and advice on topics such as boys, education, work, news, and the environment.

SmartGirl.org – permits chicks to express themselves through reviews, surveys, letters, poems, and creative writing.

Studio 2B – chance for teenage women to grow and take activity in their communities. Operated by Lady Scouts of the USA.

Swizzle – online community for teenage ladies. Meet fresh friends, get some advice, and discuss the things that matter to you.

Trackers – website and television demonstrate for teenage women from the Oxygen network. Includes entertainment news, advice, opinion, and talks.

When Love Hurts – a guide on manhandle in relationships, including a warning signs quiz, respect checklist, helpful ideas, stories, and advice for friends.

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