The best free movie editor 2018: the best movie editing devices around, TechRadar

The best free movie editor 2018: the best movie editing devices around, TechRadar

The best free video editor 2018: the best video editing tools around, TechRadar

Free editing software for making your own amazing movies

Movie editing software doesn’t have to be expensive. Whether you’re an experienced home videographer or making your very first foray into filmmaking, some of the best movie editing software is yours to download and use entirely free.

If you just want to cut a clip to size or add a fresh soundtrack, there are lightweight editors that will help you get the job done in seconds, and export the movie in a format suitable for uploading online, or playing on any desktop or mobile device.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for more advanced contraptions like chroma keying and color grading, there are also advanced programs that suggest everything you’d expect to find in premium software &ndash, except the price tag.

However, not all movies editors are created equal. Some prevent you exporting projects longer than a duo of minutes, suggest a very petite selection of editing instruments, or add unsightly watermarks to your finished work. Here we’ve rounded up only the software that produces on its promises, making movie editing effortless and joy, with no compromises.

1. Lightworks

Puts professional quality contraptions within the reach of everyone &ndash, regardless of budget. The best free movie editor available

Lightworks is an incredible instrument that’s published free with the noble aim of making professional quality movie editing software available to everyone.

Lightworks is far more than a elementary application for combining movie clips and applying filters, it’s been used to produce Hollywood movies including The King’s Speech and Road to Perdition.

As you would expect for such a powerful movie editor, you won’t be able to master it overnight, but that’s certainly not something you could hold against it.

Lightworks is described as the professional movie editor for everyone, and we reckon that’s a fair summary. Despite its power, it will run well on fairly modest hardware, and it treats movie capture and advanced editing with aplomb.

If you’ve attempted other free movie editors you’ll very likely find that the interface is a little different to anything you’re used to, but you can arrange the various controls and windows to create something that suits your way of working.

The free license has everything you need to make amazing movies, but TechRadar readers can also get 40% off a monthly Lightworks Pro license using the special discount code TECHRADAR_LW_PRO_MONTH_2017. Lightworks Pro adds the capability to export in formats other than MPEG, publish 4K movie directly to YouTube, and export 3D movies. Find out how to use your discount voucher.

Two. Shotcut

It might look unusual, but master it and you’ll reap the benefits

Shotcut is another professional-feeling free movie editor that requires a little patience if you are achieve the results it is so capable of delivering. The slightly unusual interface can be put down to the fact that this commenced life as a Linux application, and little has switched in its conversion to Windows.

To begin with, the interface may seem a little stark. You will need to not only geyser a movie, but also choose which editing mode you would like to work in and which contraptions you’d like to use.

There’s no getting away from the fact that Shotcut has a steep learning curve. It’s possible to achieve some extraordinaire results by simply applying one of its many filters to your movie, but the real prizes will only be reaped by those willing to invest the time and energy in fully getting to grips with what’s on suggest.

Trio. Hitfilm Express

A powerful free movie editor that’s expandable if you outgrow it

Hitfilm Express is another movie editor that promises pro-level features for free &ndash, and it supplies. The basic editor is very astounding, with advanced cutting implements, a superb set of audio and movie filters, layers and masking, compositing options, and chroma keying for creating green screen effects.

Extra implements are available for a fee, kicking off at £,8.85 (about US$Ten, AU$15) for a pack featuring color-correction, exposure adjustment, split screen masking, and various creative filters.

The downside of all this power is that Hitfilm Express is much more requiring than either Lightworks or Shotcut, which is the main reason it’s dropped to third place. Make sure you check the technical requirements before downloading it to avoid frustration.

Four. VSDC Free Movie Editor

A non-linear editor stacked with devices, with more added all the time

VSDC Free Movie Editor provides a enormous array of effects and filters to enhance your footage, with both wizards and manual options to suit beginners or more advanced users.

VSDC is very capable, and can yield superb results. As a non-linear editor, it works in rather a different way to many other similar instruments, letting you position clips and other elements on the timeline wherever you like and edit them there.

With the capability to not only work with numerous scenes and transitions, but also to add sprites and text to movies, you can create a professional-quality movie if you’re willing to stick with VSDC’s slightly odd way of working and unusual interface.

The latest version of VSDC adds extra artistic effects, including smoke. There’s also a dedicated Instagram export profile and automatic photo stabilization. It’s noticeably quicker, too. An excellent choice for creative movie projects.

Five. Avidemux

An accessible free movie editor for puny editing tasks like cutting

One thing to understand about Avidemux from the outset is that it is not going to help you create the next Starlet Wars or to become a master movie producer. Rather, it’s a set of essential instruments for everyday movie editing, covering all of the basics such as converting formats, trimming footage, appending one clip to another, and applying filters and effects.

While Avidemux isn’t suggest the most powerful free movie editor, it’s not a pared-back Windows Movie Maker style affair either. You might have to go hunting for some of the more advanced options, but spend a little time perusing the menus and you’ll be amazed.

There’s also a handy quickstart guide to get you rolling if you’re totally fresh to movie editing. If you can’t see a implement you need, Avidemux is also expandable via plugins that add features like subtitles and watermarks.

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