Is 20 years old too youthful for online dating? Free Dating, Singles and Personals

Is 20 years old too youthful for online dating? Free Dating, Singles and Personals

Is 20 years old too young for online dating? Free Dating, Singles and Personals

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I believe timid, introverted guys turn to online dating because they are awkward approaching women in real life. The trouble is when you meet women, your shyness and social awkwardness prevents you from connecting once again.

Two. Join a gym and develop a healthy lifestyle that includes aerobic exercise and weightlifting. Weightlifting improves your appearance tremendously, builds self-confidence and improves your position. Join exercise, yoga and other classes where women congregate. Have joy! Regular exercise improves your mental, physical and emotional resilience.

Trio. Join Toastmasters to improve your public speaking abilities.

Four. Take communications classes at the local community college.

Five. Join clubs and classes: hiking, photography and dancing where women congregate.

6. Introduce yourself to three fresh people every day, smile and jiggle their mitt.

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At your age you should be making real life contacts. Online dating has a bad reputation for connections and about 1% actually do meet someone they can have a real relationship with, it seems.

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why? at this point in your life you should be taking maximum advantage of the many REAL LIFE social networking opportunities you will have WHILE FURTHERING YOUR EDUCATION. not that you should force yourself to do things you don’t want to do, but you will never, ever have the chance to be in your early 20s again. the kinds of decisions you make RIGHT NOW is where you begin carving out a future for yourself.

right. you’ve been here for 10% of your dead-end life already. how’s that working for you? you aren’t ordering a pizza. just lay down on the floor and wait for someone to demonstrate up and give you a BJ then.

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All of us had to “go somewhere” to meet others, nobody ever knocked on my door.

You can practice your social abilities there without worrying about making an arse of yourself

and each time you go to a different pub/club, and build on what you learned previously.

so you better be a standout otherwise you’ll just be deleted. Also, women your age might be looking for someone a few years older perhaps.

just one close up would have been enough. Needs lots of work, it impresses no-one.

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I heartily agree. You will never be in your early 20s again. This is the most significant time of your life for private and educational growth, building social and communication abilities, and furthering your career goals. The decisions you make RIGHT NOW are where you begin carving out a future for yourself. As motowncowgirl said:

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This is a pivotal time of your life. You will never be exposed this this many unmarried single women than you are NOW.

Your measure of success should be how much time per week is spent away from your computer. Get out there, man!

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Do not develop social abilities, they are worthless. Instead, play more hours of movie games, better yet, learn to hack automobiles and place all the radio stations on all cars to the same station playing elevator music. Stay always in your room, with the lights out. Cover the windows of the outside world so you do not have to see the sunlight and time will be eternal.

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If they’re in your age group, they tend to be cool with your age group. However, if a gal’s 21-23, they’ll more like a dude who’s 21+ (drinking age), and there’s slew of dudes around to fulfill their needs. From 18-24, expect about 66%-75% guys, 25-33% women. A strong majority of guys, and guys are more open to meeting chicks than vice versa, too. Expect fewer replies given your age-range AND considering you can’t buy alcohol. and don’t aim mainly for “hot chicks” — like anyone else, put your league/range into consideration.

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Just because he is introverted, doesn’t mean he’s bashful or has low self esteem or that there is something he needs to correct. I’m introverted and I don’t “do socializing” either. It’s not because I’m timid or have some issue that needs motionless. I don’t socialize because I indeed have little interest in socializing. I can’t imagine why anyone would find it interesting. There is nothing wrong with being interested enough in something to want to do it more than chit talk with people. About the only reason he ought to do some socializing is to become good at it when he gets stuck having to deal with yappers.

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