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A conversation with Dean Kamen on the myth of “Eureka!”

“I think invention is maybe like love,” says Dean Kamen. “Everybody wants to have it. Nobody knows what it is.” Read More

Wise lock maker Otto suspends operations

Otto displayed the world its digital lock in August. Four months later, the company has suspended operations. Hardware is hard. It’s a cliche for a reason. The company made the decision just ahead of the holidays, a fact that founder and CEO Sam Jadallah recently made public with a lengthy Medium post now pinned to the top of the startup’s site. The extended survey of the Bay&hellip, Read More

What were your best nine Instagram photos from 2017?

You might have noticed a fresh end-of-year trend on Instagram the past few days. If so, you can thank, a website that lets you automatically collect and collage your most-liked photos of 2017. Best Nine has been around for a while, so many of you may be familiar with the instrument already. But for those of you who are fresh to that Best Nine game, here’s how it works. Very first of&hellip, Read More

Voice interfaces beginning to find their way into business

Imagine attending a business meeting with an Amazon Echo (or any voice-driven device) sitting on the conference table. A question arises about the month’s sales numbers in the Southeast region. Instead of opening a laptop, opening a program like Excel and finding the numbers, you simply ask the device and get the response instantly. That kind of script is increasingly becoming a&hellip, Read More

Twitter ended the year on a fascinating run

It’s been pretty effortless to point at Twitter and, with each quarterly moment when it discloses its financial guts, let out a long exasperated breathe. But then something interesting happened in the back half of 2017: it went on a rather spectacular run, and however ending on a bit of a slump, it looks like it could finish the year up more than 25 percent —, which, by Twitter terms, is&hellip, Read More

It’s the Jons 2017!

Glad Fresh Year! It’s been a transformational year in tech. The golden era of startups ended. Sorry about that. The tech industry ultimately flipped over a big rock it had disregarded and/or leaned on for years, and exposed the wriggling morass of sexual harassment underneath. We witnessed major AI breakthroughs, a cryptocurrency megaboom, truly truly self-driving cars, and Legitimate SpaceX launches. But&hellip, Read More

These apps will help you keep your Fresh Year’s resolutions

Almost half of Americans make Fresh Year’s resolutions. Far fewer stick to them. “Losing weight” and “exercising more” are among the most popular goals. A sizeable percentage of Americans also aim to “be a better person.” TechCrunch reviewed apps that are designed to help people stay on track with these plans. Here are a few that will help you&hellip, Read More

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