African Women for Marriage – Date Beautiful African Brides

African Women for Marriage – Date Beautiful African Brides

African Women for Marriage - Date Beautiful African Brides

African Dating Opportunities Are More Plentiful Than Ever

African dating opportunities have enlargened greatly in latest years, as more and more women have moved to the cities in many African countries. In more rural areas, traditional marriage customs are still followed to a certain extent. However, these traditions are not as strong as they used to be and as African women become aware of how women in other parts of the world live, they have begun to expect more from thier relationships.

For example, in Nigeria, women, especially educated women, are increasingly rebelling against the system of village elders requiring a bride-price, as they consider that this makes women into a commodity. The growth of African dating opportunities is thus the result of an enhancing sense of equality inbetween dudes and women in Africa.

In Ivory Coast, for example, the status of women has been step by step improving since the middle of the twentieth century, with various lumps of legislation being passed permitting women to divorce their husbands, enabling couples to marry without parental consent, and in 1983 permitting women to control more of their property after marriage. Dating opportunities in Ivory coast are therefore enhancing, especially in Abidjan and other cities.

In Nigeria there has been dating freedom in the cities for some decades now, especially as the club scene has been very vibrant in large cities such as Lagos and Ibadan.

Nigerians of both sexes are generally fairly free to date each other without worrying about parental disapproval, albeit the extended family is still fairly strong and if you want to take your relationship further, your families will expect to be introduced. Also in Nigeria, online dating has become more prevalent than anywhere else in Africa, as there is now more internet access in urban areas.

The Ghana dating scene is not too different from that in Nigeria. About 50 percent of Ghanaian youthful women live in cities and, as in Nigeria, the traditional family controls over courtship and marriage are less powerful. Accra like Lagos has singles clubs and dating agencies where it is effortless to meet people.

Kenyan women have also become more liberated in latest decades and Kenyan youthfull women have a reputation for being social and loving a party. In Nairobi as well as meeting through clubs, it is effortless to place a private ad in a local paper for less than a dollar. However, when you are on a date in Kenya there are still some formalities, as women expect fellows to bring flowers and pay the expenses.

The dating in Ethiopia is rather different as traditional customs are more prevalent. The club scene is not very prevalent and the most common method of meeting another single is through individual ads. A dating duo are expected to meet each other’s parents before taking their relationship further.

African dating opportunities are very plentiful nowadays both for Africans and non-Africans. For non-Africans wishing to meet African brides, the Internet is the way to go. Obviously care must be taken, as with anywhere else, to make the necessary checks, but the choice is so broad that nobody need be disappointed.

African Dating Sites – The Fresh Kids in Town

A few years ago it was truly rough to find a good African dating service. However, today it has gotten a lot lighter for guys looking for hot African Brides.

Very first, there’s Africa Beauties – they’re part of the Anastasia family of sites. They commenced off a little rough, but in the past year they’ve adding alot of VERY beautiful African Women to their site.

You may also want to look at Afro Introductions. They have a ton of hot African women – unluckily, the site is part of the Cupid Media Empire so we can’t put any of their women on our site ( We don’t want the Cupid Media lawyers to come knocking on our door).

So, you’ll just have to go dig around yourself to find the best of the hot. However, Cupid Media is utterly harsh on scammers.

You can sign up for free at both of these sites. Check them out, they both have some amazingly hot black chicks who hold their own against damsels from anywhere else in the world.

If you want more information on either of these sites, or other African dating websites, be sure to check out our African dating site reviews.

Why You Should Consider an African Bride

Africa is the cradle of all humanity and increasingly a destination for studs seeking mail order brides. The status of international dating is different in Africa than it is in Russia, Asia, or Latin America. Of course, there are slew of hot African chicks and there is a puny African dating industry, but it’s not as big, complicated, or competitive as in the other parts of the world.

It’s not that there’s any shortage of hot African damsels looking to marry Western fellows, the problem is that internet access in most areas is limited, so it makes the logistics of beginning and maintaining a long distance courtship very raunchy. However, for a man who is serious about seeking an African woman for marriage this can work to his advantage.

The African mail order bride business today is like it was in Russia in 1992, there is very little competition from other Western studs for the most beautiful African ladies.

Western guys can pretty well pick the lady they want from among the most beautiful black ladies that have signed up with one of the few African dating agencies in the area. Literally, you can take your pick among the most exotic, sexy black damsels in Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana and a handful of other African countries.

It’s almost too effortless and Western studs need to be very careful not to manhandle their almost rock starlet status. There is an enormous economic gulf inbetween the West and Africa and a cheap witness or a few dollars may seem like a fortune to a youthful dame in certain parts of Africa.

This may seem ideal, but if you marry a starry-eyed youthful African woman who doesn’t indeed understand the culture of the western world, and exactly what your position is, it can cause you a lot of friction later on. Attempt to be fair with your potential African wifey and give her as much information as possible about your country, who you indeed are, and what you expect out of the relationship. Don’t be a cad and don’t play the loser.

In Pursuit of African Mail Order Brides

There are of course some extra considerations when determining to pursue a beautiful African chick as a mail order bride. The very first issue is that you need to determine what countries you want to consider when searching for an African woman for marriage.

It’s fairly effortless to book flights into several cities in South Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Lagos, Nigeria, and Dakar, Senegal, but getting into other cities is a little trickier.

Generally, it’s lighter to fly from the US or Canada to Europe and then to your destination if you are attempting to fly into one of the other cities in Africa. However, today good airline ticket sites like make it effortless to get flights into Africa and compare the rates from the US, Canada, or anywhere else in the world to Africa.

If you’re interested in pursuing African brides you’re very likely pretty adventurous, but it’s wise to check on the current political situation in the countries you plan to visit since you very likely don’t want to be caught up in a civil war. Crime is also a concern in some areas, particularly in Nigeria and South Africa, so you need to do your homework before you make you plans.

Overall, the East African countries of Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania, along with South Africa, seem like the best choices for pursuing African mail order brides. The countries are all presently politically stable, suggest decent air travel choices, a few good hotels, and none have any serious crime problems. Also, all three have led the way for the rest of Africa in AIDs education.

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