Aimee Teenage Talk is addictive &gt,.&lt, Korine This place is good.

Aimee Teenage Talk is addictive &gt,.&lt, Korine This place is good.

Aimee Teen Chat is addictive &gt,.&lt, Korine This place is great.

i mean what can i say i have met some indeed sexy dudes on here that actually didn’t care about my size so i truly love teenage talk

cradle rocks

i think this site is awesome because you meet explosions of emoes and cool goths from all over the world. You find out there cultures there hobbies. its awesome dudes.


teenage talk is a good place to meet fresh people and just have joy with it.


This site is superb! One of my closest friends told me about it and from then on I’ve been coming here! I truly like how they have the different race-based rooms Two get a taste of everyone’s ideas in a room where they feel comfy! I’ve met some indeed cool people who keep it joy and since it’s free I can invite all my friends.

Demonic Angel

Teenchat is good, and its very addictive. I’ve made several friends from around the world and they’re all excellent people.


teenchat is awsome, i love roleplaying, because you can just be yourself tho’ deeds, or you can be someone completly differnt, roleplaying brings out the creativity in you


I’ve been visiting these talk rooms for years and still is number 1 for me. I’ve met some fantastic people and met two penpals. This is surely the best talk site in the world.


Well, I think these talk rooms are superb! I get to meet superb people and I always have a blast talking.


Heh. I bin coming into teenage talk for about 6 years now, and I have to say I’ve met a superb deal of interesting people. This place is good for discussing things, learning fresh ideas, and just talking in general. Thanks for staying free and feel free to say hi if you’re ever in the padded cell. Peace,


teenage talk is the coolest. I met some of my good friends from all over the world in here. It’s a superb place to meet cool people I can talk to.


this talk iz so mnt and ya can meet sum rely hot guys xoxsarahxox


This site is awesome.. I have meet so many cool people .. I have made good friends and I even met my finance on here .. If i had to recommend a site it would be this one.. Thanks Dan!


Teenage Talk is addictive >,.<,


This place is fine. Its effortless to make all kinds of friends and meet all kinds of people and not have to worry about them judging you. I love it here.

As far as I’m worried this site is very beautiful.


This place is good, I love meeting fresh people! It’s cool to just get on here when I’m bored and have joy talking =)

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