It may take time to get a reply or to get your very first message.

It may take time to get a reply or to get your very first message.

It may take time to get a reply or to get your first message.

In this showdown, we compare Two of the top online dating websites, eHarmony and As online dating has become more and more common with the age of the internet, people always ask, which dating site is the best. To response this question we have reviewed Two of the most popular paid subscription dating websites to help singles determine which one to choose.

This comparison will go over background information on each service, the sign up process, and compare costs. It will also explain the matching process, features, privacy, and communication options for each dating service. So which is better, or eHarmony? Read on to find out!

Background and Basics

eHarmony was began in the year 2000 with the aim of creating long term, meaningful relationships for singles. They use a matching system based on the information your provide to find compatible playmates for you. eHarmony claims that over 200 people who met on their website are married each day. Presently they suggest service to the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the U.K. began in 1995 with the purpose of helping singles find romantic relationships. service is available in 24 different countries and 15 languages. Match lets its users search for other singles based on a broad diversity of search options. All profiles and pictures on the site are screened to ensure a quality practice.

Advantage: Match. More practice and more accessibility.

Signup Process

Each service will let you sign up and create a profile for free to see your potential matches. The sign up process for both of these services is rather long and involved, answering a lot of questions and packing out information fields about yourself and what you are looking for in a date. Once you are signed up on eHarmony, they will begin sending you Matches based on your information. The same goes for Match, only you can also create your own searches to find other singles. Reviewing matches is free for both sites, but once you determine you want to contact your matches, you need to subscribe to the services.

Advantage: Tie. Both have free registration and a long sign up process.

Subscription and Cost

Subscriptions give you access to all the features such as communication with your matches. Subscription length can range anywhere from 1 month to 1 year or more. Generally the longer subscriptions suggest a lower monthly rate.

Match offers subscriptions of $Nineteen.99/mo for Trio months, $17.99/mo for 6 months, or $16.99/mo for 12 months.

eHarmony offers subscriptions of $39.95/mo for Trio months, $16.95/mo for 6 months, or $Ten.95/mo for 12 months.

Match has the better brief term deal while eHarmony is better if you are going to subscribe for the long term. Each of these services does suggest promotions and discounts to fresh customers. Here are some of the promotions available now for Match and eHarmony:

Each service also offers premium options with extra features that cost extra if you choose them. Subscription costs fluctuate via the year so make sure to check the official sites for current subscription costs.

Advantage: Tie, depends on length of subscription.

Matching Process

On eHarmony, once you have finished your profile, they will begin to send you matches based on what they think you will like. You can accept or reject these matches based on how you like their profile. eHarmony will proceed to send you fresh matches as fresh members sign up each day.

On, you are able to search for your own matches. There is a search feature with many options that you can select to find that flawless someone. You can customize and use these search options as much as you like. You will then be shown the matches available based on your searches.

Advantage: Match. More freedom to find your own matches.


In addition to matching, each service offers a multitude of features to enhance your practice on the site. Each service gives a range of ways to contact your matches. You can choose to send a message, an “icebreaker” or a “wink”, an instant message, or even a phone call in some cases. You are able to save your matches or favorites to keep track of the ones you like. You can also see who has viewed your profile or who has added you to their favorites.

Some of the newer Match features include live talk with online members and the Events feature where you can meet up with other singles at joy pre-planned events around town.

eHarmony has made nice improvements to their profile pages which are now very visual and cover several pages instead of having everything on one page.

Advantage: Tie. Both have similar features.


Each service has levels of privacy you can control such as not displaying a picture and not making your profile public. Of the two services, eHarmony has a higher degree of privacy because the only people who see your profile are the members who you have been matched up with and only subscribers can see photos. On, your profile is visible to everyone as long as you have made it public. Even non-members will be able to find your profile in search results. Match does give you the option to hide your profile if you choose, but then no one will be able to find you.

Advantage: eHarmony. Better privacy options.

Level of Seriousness

eHarmony is geared towards straight singles looking for a serious relationship that may lead to marriage. is more open minded and is for singles looking for dates, but not necessarily someone to marry. Of the two, eHarmony tends to draw an older audience but both of these sites have singles of all ages. Because these are paid subscription sites and they are monitored to keep a high standard of quality, the members are generally more serious about dating than compared to those on free dating sites.

Advantage: eHarmony. Geared towards those looking for serious relationship.

Communicating With Your Matches

Making contact with your matches is the key to success. It’s effortless to view matches, but it takes some effort to make a connection. Even with all the search options and scientific matching features, finding a ideal match is not effortless. It may take time to get a reply or to get your very first message. The sites recommend having pictures and slew of information on your profile to encourage matches. They also recommend being active and sending messages to several different matches to increase the chances of finding someone.

Advantage: Tie. Process is similar. Results depend on the amount of involvement.


When selecting which of these dating sites you want to subscribe to, it comes down to what you want from the practice. If you are looking for a serious relationship and you value your privacy, then eHarmony is a good choice. If you are looking for a lot of search options and don’t mind putting your profile out there, then is a good option. There is no absolute winner because each site has its own strengths and weaknesses and caters to different audiences. If we had to choose one over the other, we would go with because it offers more freedom when it comes to finding the man or woman of your fantasies. Each service has loyal members who would recommend it. Use the information in this review to help determine which one is right for you.

Winner: Better price in brief term plans and more plasticity for finding matches.

Note: Features and subscriptions costs may switch over time. Check the official websites for the most current information.

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Nelson Gonzalez 9 months ago from USA

I have seen the eharmony commercials don’t recal any from match.

Eva Nineteen months ago from Philippines

Oh let me attempt those. 🙂

dashingscorpio Two years ago

Your statement: ",When selecting which of these dating sites you want to subscribe to, it comes down to what (you want) from the practice.",

That pretty much says it all!

A lot of folks dislike the 400 question survey required by eHarmony and not having a say in their match options. eHarmony chooses them. However if someone is ",serious", about finding lasting love and marriage minded members they’re likely to find more who are willing to pack out the forms. eHarmony is in many ways like an ",online matchmaking", service.

On the other palm permits (the member) to contact any member they want to. One can be proactive and self-directed in their search. You don’t have to totally rely on matches the service sends you. Also if you’re just looking to have causal dates for the purpose of having joy you’re more likely to find more of those folks on Not everyone is seeking a spouse!

It’s significant to reminisce that (you) are ultimately responsible for all of your choices. You get to choose which site to join, which members to engage with, share private contact information with, and go out with.

Online dating sites are nothing more than a (device) for meeting fresh people. Much like a fork is a device which can be used to eat a garden salad or a slice of dual fudge cake. However an obese person would never blame their (fork) for their weight build up! And yet people who have bad dating practices online will blame the entire online dating industry!

Each of us (chooses) our own friends, paramours, and spouse.

If someone is having one bad dating practice after another they may want to re-examine their ",mate selection criteria",. The only thing all of your past bad relationships and dates have in common is (you).

Match is good because you can seek people out and you don’t have to go through all of these rounds to get to them. But people on eHarmony are more serious and not players. It’s all relative, I guess.

Ponderize Four years ago from California

I had some less than nice things to say about eharmony. good post!

Thx. It’s indeed helpful for my essay

Thanks for the feedback. I just published a review for another online dating site called OkCupid.

Excellent post! I think it is useful for those interested in this way of relation building! 🙂

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