Talk rooms date

Talk rooms date

Chat rooms date

Teenage talk is the best talk site there is, i have been going here for Two years now and i have made fountains of friends and i met my gf here!! TC is awesome period.


Teenage Talk is a excellent way to have some joy when your stuck in your house.I’ve been coming here for awhile and there is always something to do and someone to talk to.It friggin rocks.


😮 This is the very first time I’ve came on here for like a’s switched a good way however. I met alot of indeed cool people on here, it indeed is the best talk site, I’ve told EVERYONE about it. xD Love the fresh look. <,Three xxx

WOW. This talk room is awesome! I love it..I’ve meet so many awesome ppl on here its not even funny. all the rooms have their own lil unique thing in them lol but hey if u wanna talk to me u can find me in a lot of these rooms.


Hmm..I unno how long ive been coming here..A long arse time..But i have Sooo Many friends on here and i love them to death..NerdPants!!Ily. D


Teenage talk is a cool place where people can talk, you meet a lot of unique people! I met so many different people and i keep in touch with every one of them! Yea i like going into singles talk, but i also like going into latino teenagers talk.

Jenn aka. GoldWereWolf and BlackDragoness

I love this roleplay, it gives you the freedom to be what you want and do as you please. Its a fine place to meet truly amazing people and go to a place that only your imagination exists. ^.^


Just looking to find some fresh friends, nothing perverted.. ya know.


I love this site! so many hot guys.

Yah man skaterz talk is freakin narley man! This talk room rocks my socks off Brah! It’s got a lot of cool people in it as well. Check ya Latterzzz

Will Grimm

Teenage talk is the absolute best talk site on the web. It’s an effortless and joy way to meet fresh people and make fresh friends. With such a broad selection of talk rooms, their is always someone to talk with.


I love to meet fresh people around the world, cause Im kind of a multicultural fellow, so teenchat is fine!! keep improving it!

Fine site, you can meet some truly amazing people and everyone says hi to everyone! Defiantly telling my mates about it.


Goth talk is awesome! I have met some wonderful people out their and I love talking with my friends and I’ll always love this talk room. Misfit


i like the chance too meet fresh ppl and learn fresh things and i love sports and movie games oh yeah


These talk rooms are cool! I’ve met tons of friends and and nice people. I love the relationship talk room. I would recommend this site to any one.

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