OkCupid Reviews – 1, 008 Reviews of, Sitejabber

OkCupid Reviews – 1, 008 Reviews of, Sitejabber

OkCupid Reviews - 1, 008 Reviews of, Sitejabber

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Did a browse of female matches, Ten year age spread &, with 500 miles of where I live and online within the last year, those were the only filters I used. I live in CO and not a single match in the entire state. No single women on the site in the entire state of Colorado or Fresh Mexico!

Okcupid Sail70e29 is again another fake profile for Randy Sonnier rss70 on slew of fish. Claims he',s a Captain and sails all the time. part time carpenter that',s unemployed for the winter with a violated down sailboat that he calls home, who',s just looking for free room and board provided by some unexpecting woman..he',s wonderful and charming and a accomplish sociopath..on a Friday night he claims to be sailing..reality is he',s spent all week on line looking for a hookup. Ok cupid and slew of fish are just a place these people go for a captive hunting ground.

I used this site back in the day and determined to attempt it again with wejustfit (my cousin recommended WJF). I choose WJF all things considered but Cupid still has some potential and so much depends on where you are and how many members these kind of sites have in your area. OkCupid used to be indeed busy where I am but its not what it was in terms of numbers anymore IMHO.

Imo not bad but also not good enough. Been only using it for three weeks and did not indeed felt like I am getting nowhere with OKC. Pretty average, imo!

I live in California, I look ok and I am a computer engineer so I was astonished to get almost no response from women I contacted, and no one contacted me. In the past I had good practice with other dating sites( that are not free).

So I determine to check what is going on. I created a fake profile of a 43 year old woman who looks above average. This profile got 220 messages in less than 24-hours that it was open.

So I think that the chances for a dudes to meet a woman in this site are quiet petite, at least California.

I met the man I have been looking for my entire life on OK Cupid. We met Ten weeks ago and are getting married and planning on kicking off a family ASAP.

Too much time wasted on nonexistent people. Many cannot put together a grammatically correct sentence.

Fairly liking this dating site. Not sure it',s as good as my all time fave wejustfit but it',s not far off. Some truly nice people on their and a good way to kill time, I just spend my commute to work firing out messages &, doing searches then. By the time I get home I usually have a reply, albeit not always of course. Fairly glad with it. B. McAuley, 27, Stirling

Why does okCupid permit someone text me even if it',s not a mutual like?

I blocked at least 50 people over the period of just Two months if using it because of all the harassing messages. Guys are just indecent here.

They post pictures that are offensive, indecent.. Okcupid doesn',t do anything to filter them? I',ve reported at least 30 profiles.

You can',t see who visited your profile anymore. So you don',t know if there',s a creepy stalker of yours.

And what',s the deal with not providing an option to delete a profile. I can only disable my profile.

Peak for consumers: I can give 0 starlets but there',s no such option here unluckily.

It doesn',t concentrate on the significant things, education and occupation are optional and there are thousands of other irrelevant matching questions which the answers can be switched after 24 hours. Not possible for professionals to weed out the trash.

OkCupid is by far my dearest of all the sites Ive attempted and Ive had the most success on it despite presently being single. It offers options other sites dont like narrowing down your search criteria to specific groups and types as well as providing a person the freedom to choose inbetween a diversity of sexual orientations and preferences. It may not seem like a big deal to most people, but other sites plane out exclude certain groups due to their lack of options. Im not poly or in an open relationship, but some people are and not all of them are swingers for god sake! If you are looking for a site thats not as vanilla as the mainstream dating sites and no where near as xxx as some others, OkCupid might be a good choice for you.

Not sure I get all the gd reviews. Yes their are tunnes of people but the site isnt as joy as wejustfit.com or even tinder + ive not had as many dates as I thot I was gonna get.

If someone makes a false accusation against you, they don',t ask for your side of the story – they want to make a ",safe user practice", for the person who reported you, so they automatically ban you. Quality has gone way downhill in latest months – was eyeing the same people over and over again. Total waste of time.

Being a free dating site is nice. What is not nice is the thousands of assessment questions you have the chance to reaction or not, but they are what the site uses to determine your ",match percentage",. Many of the questions are repetitive or just plain stupid. After getting an extra 200+ ",likes", within two weeks of switching my profile picture so guys would know what I look like from the front, I concluded that the assessment questions were also irrelevant for a lot of users. I did go on dates with 7 different dudes from OKCupid, but didn',t find Mr. Right, and didn',t feel like wasting any more time on there.

I met a dude in May and we began a relationship. Atleast we said it was. He uses his daughter as and excuse not to spend time together so he can dates numerous women. He disappeared alot. Clams he doesn',t get your calls or text until the weekend is over. I',m not sure why he acts this way because he looks like a little troll. His name is Jesse Garrett and lives in Terrell tx.

I aint attempted many of these online dating websites but I cant say I',m all that gargled away by OkCupid. It takes an awful lot longer to get up and running than the other site I liked (wejustfit.com) and im not sure im such a big believer in all the scientific hogwash. It',s hella busy tho’, ill give it that. JF

Not realistic because women will get more attention on here than in real life so it seems to give them an inflated ego. Most don',t even react to your messages and if they do it might be a word or two but hardly ever reply by asking a question back. And if you do actually meet up with someone, well most likely they will be fooling around on the site looking for attention and Mr. Flawless. I',m sure there are some good women on OKCupid but you have to dig truly deep to find them. Oh yeah, women like to post their best pics which may not be current. Sadly enough I',ve met slew of women who looked nothing like what they advertised.

Did not help to me. Lot of people just draping out without any will to find real relationships ,-(

Don',t waste your time. Women with baggage will report you for nothing and they will delete your account because a woman complained I guess

OkCupid has still got it, I had a good date last night and feeling positively giddy this morning haha! Doing well at the moment, had a date last week with a stud from wejustfit.com and that went well too. I',m like bridget jones in one of her good phases hahaha long may it proceed.

Questions &, Answers

Q: &ldquo, I have written to a few boys and then on Monday their profile is no longer has an account and the one I am writing on. &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, I am a moderator for OKC. I have no idea why they picked me, frankly, I think they pull us out of their. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, is it true guys pay and women dont? &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, It is free to everyone. ",A-List", costs. Unlike Ron K., I have found little benefit from a paid membership. I paid. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, how come when you meet someone and they ask for your email address and then they all of a sudden vanish from the OKCupid. &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, Yes, I have had this happen a lot. People just want your phone number because they don',t want to use the site. Then. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, is okcupid a good site &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, Sure! If you want to wait til hell freezes over. You',re better off getting more fat cats! 🙂 &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, How is this different fro Match.com in terms of Free or Paid and what is the assure that I will meet quality guys. &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, OLC is so so. Most of the woman are in wish land and seeking Mr USA.. And are not going to meet you in person. &rdquo,

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