Reasons for Online Dating – Why People Date Online

Reasons for Online Dating – Why People Date Online

Reasons for Online Dating - Why People Date Online

Years ago there was a stigma with meeting people on dating sites. These days, with the rise of social networking, it’s more accepted. Outside of the regular dating sites, one could argue that adding a friend on Facebook is grounds for online dating-especially if you’re like me and friend adding is as significant as getting a phone number.

I can’t bring myself to join a dating site. I have no issues with people who have joined them-my cousin met his wifey on a dating site.

I have my reasons for not signing up:

Very first of all, I don’t want extra help to meet someone. I am afraid signing up for a dating site is an admission that I could not meet a woman and attract her on my own. However, slew of people have trouble meeting that special someone.

Secondly, like I just wrote, I’m looking for a storybook meeting and relationship. The mechanical world of online dating doesn’t permit for this story. But perhaps after a few dates that grow out of an online setup, that story happens.

Eventually, even however people are on the site to date, what are their ultimate intentions?Are most people on dating sites looking for something serious?Marriage? I’m not sure how serious I want to be at this point.

So there’s an argument from both sides, and maybe I’ll get over my reluctance to join a dating site.

When used correctly, dating sites are an extra source for meeting people. It’s not about desperation, in my opinion. Here are some reasons people join dating sites:

This is a classic reason for joining a dating site. Some people are so busy with work or other life responsibilities that there is simply no time to go out and meet people/date.

My cousin is a good example of this. He’s a xxx lawyer (while I’m sleeping until noon, he’s prosecuting people for murder) and he had to join a dating site as a device to help out with that part of his life.

They Think They Have No Game

I referenced my friend Jenn recently. She pulled me in to her office and told me she had joined a dating site, and it felt like a landmark moment in her life. I asked her what motivated her to sign up for a dating site and she replied:

So, why not get some kind of agent to help, I suppose? It’s a shame that dating the “old fashioned way” has shoved my friend in to not believing in herself like that.

They’re Fed Up With the Meet Market

After a while, going out to bars to meet people gets frustrating. For me, it’s going out,scarcely finding anyone interesting and collecting numbers that never amount to anything. You’re never sure what anyone is thinking in the Meet Market-it sometimes feels like you’re spinning your wheels.

The Meet Market is much more difficult after college finishes. In school, it was effortless to find women-they were plentiful, and we were in our own bubble. But these days, in the professional world, people are dissipated and, once you meet someone, it’s infrequent that you run into them again randomly like you might have in college.

My friendraves about how his friend “gets laid so often”since joining I suppose if two people on the site are willing, and match up, then why not?

They Want A Singles Environment

On a dating site, you can avoid the mystery you usually have to deal with. You never know what’s going on in someone’s head when you’re hitting on them.Naturally, people on a dating site are looking, and they won’t mind if you hit on them or contact them.

They Want A “Sortable” Practice

It’s harsh for me to find adorable damsels who like good music, or have similar interests. On a dating site, you can cut to the pursue and streamline your search so you can find the most compatible person based on interests, tastes, etc.

Do you agree with my reasons people join dating sites, and my reasons that I’m hesitant to join them? What reasons do you thnk people join dating sites?

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