POF Search – Advanced Search and Username Search, Sign In

POF Search – Advanced Search and Username Search, Sign In

POF Search - Advanced Search and Username Search, Sign In

POF Search.

Learn how to use the Basic Search, Advanced Search and Username Search options at POF.com (Plentyoffish.com). You can browse profiles even without registering.

How Do I Use the Advanced Search Option at POF.com?

One of the more in-depth features on the PlentyOfFish website is the ‘,Advanced Search’ function and albeit it can seem daunting at very first, due to the number of options, it is actually fairly effortless to use. To access it, simply click on ‘,Search’, then go to the ‘,Advanced Search’ tab found just below.

Using this feature, you can look for users on POF based on your own parameters. For example, you can use the ‘,Religion’ option to look for users who go after a particular religion, you can use the ‘,Height’ option to look for users of a certain height, while the ‘,Age’ option permits you to come in a range of ages to look within.

The information used in Advanced Search is taken from the user registration form. You can, therefore, use the Advanced Search to find users who meet one particular criteria, or numerous different criteria. This makes it much lighter for users of the service to find people that are more likely to be a suitable match.

With the Advanced Search page you can narrow down your search to your specific preferences, even down to “Pets Owned” or “Zodiac Sign”.

POF Username Search.

Searching for a particular username is also very straight forward. You may have deleted a previous match or registered a fresh account and want to search for a username that you have previously connected with.

  • Visit Pof.com and Sign In.
  • Click on ‘,Search’.
  • Then click on the ‘,Username’ tab.
  • Come in the Username that you wish to find.

If you dont reminisce the finish username then don’t fret. Attempt a partial match search. For example, searching for “Hotlover” will bring up all usernames that embarks with “Hotlover”, for example Hotlover01, Hotlovergirl, Hotlover1976 etc.

Using Slew Of Fish Search without Registering.

It is entirely possible to use the slew of fish search functions without registering on pof.com very first, and without signing in very first. POF.com enable Basic Search, Advanced Search and Username search for casual browsers, so do make sure that you do not put too much confidential and sensitive information in your profile.

To search without signing up, simply visitting www.pof.com and clicking on Search isnot enough. This will redirectly to the Registration Page only.

Instead, nvaigate directly to http://www.pof.com/advancedsearch.aspx in your browser, then click on either the Basic Search, Advanced search or Username Search tabs.

POF Resources.

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