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The remark trailer park


Teenage talk is amazing! The talk rooms are mint! I met some indeed nice people on here. I love talking to all the single youngsters on here and id certainly recommend it to everyone.

I like it teenage talk because they are a lot of cool people to talk to.


ha, the only place that never fail to get a laugh outta me. the emo talk is the best!


I love teenchat because its a excellent way of meeting fresh and interesting guys and its so effortless to use i can even do it lol! x x x


omg I love emo talk it rox’s everyone understands me more and I meet alot of cool people here -hugz all the emoz-

Jayme Paradox

Well I’ve been the creative mind behind the fights created during much of the RP madness. People love to join their characters in my sultry work to create the ultimate online practice. The fury leads to only one question. why? The reaction children. is because I am my characters. Each one of them are a life-blood of myself. Reminisce to look for the masked figures RPers. and get ready for the worst.

Jaryd M.

I’ve been using this for a brief time and met a lot of pretty awesome ppl on these talk rooms, so I gotta say this is very likely one of the most thumbs up talk rooms around. So keep keepin it real


Hey there everyone, I just have to say I love this site. It has so many different free talk rooms that I love but I think preps talk is the best. I have so much joy talking with different ppl. I very recommend using this site.


teenage talk is that deal. Its one of the only chatrooms that i think people actually still TALK and stay true to THEMSELVES. Its nice to talk to people and just love yourself. teenage talk keep doing your thing. 🙂


Teenchat is a good place for me to meet real cool butt people in my spare time.


I absolutely love this website. It’s above and beyond many other sites out there and I can’t stop using it. It’s so effortless to spend hours just talking to all the awesome people here. How can anyone not love Teenage Talk?

Hey i have been a gigantic fan of this site for 6 years now and i have met sum superb friends along on the way..i luv this site and hope it just gets better and better as the future looks brillian for this site!


I meet some real characters here at Teenage talk. I like being able to talk with people about anything.


Teenage talk is awesome! The best free talk that helps me talk to chicks my age!


yea i come on here everyday mostly its just a joy place to come and talk to people make fresh friends its awesome


These are good talk rooms to meet fresh people! I come on whenever I’m bored and always find a friendly face and geysers of entertainment. Some indeed weird and wonderful people to be found, just like me!

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